Benvenuto al tuo Graded English Test



1. you English ?
2. Where you live now ?
3. I’m not busy the moment
4. He’s 21 and  name is Andrew.
5.He goes to work car.
6.How many people at the party yesterday ?
7.I was born 1975.
8.Anne sleeping, so be quiet.
9.I’m anxious meet her.
10. “Do you know Bill and Barbara ?”
“Yes, but we haven’t seen for a long time.”
11.I never work Saturday.
12. he still work in Ireland?
13.I think it’s to rain.
14.I forgot to buy a present her birthday.
15.Have you ever to England ?
16.He’s a good linguist. He speak 4 languages.
17.We talked a lot of things.
18.I’m going shopping. Do you want to come me ?
19.I received a phone call Greece this morning.
20.What you do yesterday ?
21. you really go now ? Can’t you stay a little longer ?
22.He tell you everything when he arrives.
23.How information did he give you ?
24.He asked me for some money, but I didn’t have
25.I thought he invite me, too.
26.This is the same yours.
27.He didn’t say very much, he usually talks a lot.
28.He decided to go out rather stay in.
29.It was a lovely day, we decided to go out.
30.How long those people been living here ?
31.Walk down this street you reach the post office, then turn right.
32.Our company produces both chocolate sweets.
33.It is my comprehension how she can tolerate such a man
34.He lives in Madrid now, but he to live in Rome before.
35.They were talking to other when I went in.
36.He played well being out of practice.
37.As as I can remember, I left in on the kitchen table.
38.This job should have done yesterday.
39.As as I got into the office the telephone started to ring.
40.The 1998 plan is currently considered.
41.He suggested that I be the one to speak.
42. much I try, the boss is never satisfied.
43.Why are you so late ? You were to be here at 9 o’clock.
44.I’ll help you, though you don’t deserve it.
45.Ever I was a child, my dream has been to go to Mexico.
46.There were three as many requests as anyone had expected.
47. when I saw the print-out did I realize that a mistake had been made.
48.The mistake she made was not so serious to make such a fuss.
49. the time I arrived, all the food had disappeared.
50.I want to spend the morning without disturbed by anyone.
51.There’s no word as “impossible” in my vocabulary.
52.You can do what you like for I care.
53.You’ll catch him before he leaves the building, that you hurry.
54.I’m going to do it, no what you say.
55.I will be too pleased to help you.
56. wonder you caught cold, going out like that without a coat.
57.Leave the window open in the cat wants to come in.
58.It was far the best holiday I had ever had.
59.We’re renting a flat for the being, but we’re hoping to buy one next year.
60.I’ll lend you the money on that you repay it next month.
61.It would have been a perfect day but the rain !
62.If you had asked me in time.
63.You will get into really big trouble long if you go on like this.
64.When it to doing the washing up, Charles always disappears.
65.By and you’ve done a good composition.
66.No had I got into the house that the phone rang.
67.It’s time you stopped thinking only of yourself.
68.On of all his other problems, his wife has just left him.
69.The champion didn’t live to his reputation.
70.It was incredibly cheap. It cost next to .

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